Novice Waring Debaters Post Winning Records in Lexington

Waring participated in the Lexington Debate Tournament which was held last Saturday and Sunday. Novice teams of Swara Douglas & Quin Adams and Betta Tham & Phoebe Holz both had 4-2 records and cleared the the elimination debates. Swara & Quin won their first elimination debate and then lost in octofinals (top 16) to a team from DelBarton High School in New Jersey. Also debating in the novice category were Arion Carraher-Kang & Tucker Smith. In the field of 136 speakers, Tucker Smith was 12th and Phoebe Holz was 16th.
Our varsity teams of Sasha & Alice and Sascha & Gareth each won 2 of 6 debates, modeling magnanimity and graciousness for the younger debaters.