Homeschooling Requirements

Waring School welcomes and regularly receives applications from students who have been homeschooled for all or part of their education. Since experiences and curriculum for homeschooled students vary tremendously, our requirements for them are different from our requirements for students who have attended public or private schools. We are willing to work with families of homeschooled students to tailor the admission process to their experience.
In addition to our regular application, we ask homeschooled applicants to provide the following:
Statement of Parent Philosophy: 
  • What philosophy and/or state law guides your approach to homeschooling?
  • How long has the applicant been homeschooled?
  • Are there other students involved?
  • Is there a networking group affiliated with your plan? 
  • As a parent, why did you choose homeschooling for your child?
  • How would you evaluate your experience with this choice?
Please also provide the following additional information, as applicable:
  • Full curriculum and documentation of how the curriculum was completed
  • Transcripts from any public or private schools attended, including online
    • Grades may be in alphabetic, numeric or narrative form. Please submit official documentation relating to online courses.
  • Two academic recommendations from adults other than parents, preferably from people with backgrounds in elementary or secondary education, and that address English, science, or mathematics ability
  • A sample analytic paper written by the student
  • Names of textbooks or other books used and the content covered
  • Description of other experiences in the curriculum and how the student was evaluated
  • Project based learning and travel
  • Standardized test scores
  • Results of any educational, neuropsychological, or behavioral testing
  • Name and description of networking support group used