Student Travel

Junior Trip

The Waring School Junior Trip has been a tradition at the school since 1982 and was an expression of the Warings’ belief that travel promotes intellectual curiosity and individual growth. The trip takes place in June as the students are preparing to become senior leaders. The trip is an extension of the curriculum and students spend time writing and sketching as well as giving presentations about the sites they visit. In recent years classes have visited France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, as well as a trip across America.

The Junior Trip allows our older students to feel personal ownership of a city, a culture and a language. Paris is always a significant part of the trip and students visit a variety of museums and other cultural sites. All of the experiences reflect parts of our program, including visits that relate to the Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts.  Students are allowed to become independent and exercise their language skills, gaining confidence in their ability navigate a foreign city with a degree of comfort that very few tourists attain.  

The Junior Trip emphasizes personal responsibility and fosters leadership skills and awareness of the needs of the group.  The last night of the trip the students reflect on their experience together and are officially recognized as the new School leaders.