Student Travel

Camping Trip

Waring starts the school year with a 4-day trip to Northwoods Camp in Wolfeboro, NH. For faculty and students alike, Camping Trip serves as an important transition between summer and the rigors of the academic year. The trip takes full advantage of its location on Lake Winnipesaukee, near the mountains and in the woods of New Hampshire. Students hike, canoe, write, discuss summer reading, sing songs by the campfire, practice soccer and other sports, and participate in theater. Waring puts a high value on community relationships and the Camping Trip program creates a unique venue where new and returning students can build relationships with each other, as well as with their teachers. On Camping Trip older students become leaders and role models, and the entire community reasserts its commitment to the School’s core values.

Camping Trip also marks the beginning of the academic year’s Tutorial Program. All students spend a significant amount of time living and working in their Tutorial groups. This helps establish a home base and support system for each student as the year begins.