Campaign for Waring

We call on you to keep imagining this Waring School together and to be part of this remarkable period in Waring School's history.

Faculty and Student Support

Waring mindfully builds a robust, caring, and respectful community around a shared ethic of learning. Waring seeks out circles, whether it is sitting together in All-School Meeting, discussing an excerpt of a text in Humanities class, or joining hands on the quad to start the year. Wanting to welcome more people and ideas into Waring's circle, the Trustees and faculty created, in 2015, a comprehensive Strategic Plan committed to diversity and affordability for students and bolstered development for teachers and staff. $1,000,000 raised during the Campaign for Waring will support Waring's students and faculty through financial aid and professional development.

School Building Plan

$5 million of the Campaign for Waring will pay to design and build a new School Building. Maryann Thompson Architects are currently designing a building that addresses many areas of need for Waring. The New School Building will:
– Enlarge the School Building from 7,000 to 11,800 sq. ft
– Add a new All-School Meeting space
– Expand faculty and student commons
– Foster community and allow faculty and students to interact spontaneously in porches, nooks, and classrooms
– Provide additional classroom and conference space
– Enhance the form and function of administrative offices
– Offer a proper welcome and reception area for visitors

Passive House Project

The New School Building will be built to Passive House Sustainability standards. This European standard of sustainability sets a high bar for energy efficiency as well as air and light quality through a tight, meticulously designed, “envelope.” To reduce the building's ecological impact, the New School Building will be engineered to harness the warmth of the sun during the winter and to block hot sunrays during the summer. The new building will also provide our faculty a chance to utilize the new physical space as a teaching tool to help students measure energy consumption and observe conservation in action. Waring would be the first school on the North Shore to build a Passive House building.
Now is an historic moment for our school. Please consider contributing to the Campaign for Waring by clicking the "Make a Gift" link at the top of this page. Your gift makes it possible for us to welcome a diverse group of students, attract and retain our devoted faculty, and have a physical environment that fosters community and serves as a catalyst to joyful learning.