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    Girls Varsity Soccer

    Girls Varsity Soccer vs Montrose School

    Fall Play

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    Girls Junior Varsity Soccer

    Girls Junior Varsity Soccer vs Concord Academy

    Matt & Jim's Film Forum: Ma vie en rose

    Forum - Polygon - 7:00pm

    Ma vie en rose (1997) (credits) When this delightful and provocative French/Belgian film opened, it was ahead of its time. Reviewers found it hard to pin down, and most described it as a drama-comic-fantasy. The movie tells the story of Ludovic, a 7-year old girl in a boy’s body, who knows very well what she wants for her future: a home and a husband (she knows it will be the handsome boy next door, the son of her father’s boss). The problems rest with what the community around her thinks: her parents, her neighbors (including Ludovic’s father’s boss) and also, perhaps, us, the viewers. The acting is excellent and the filming is full of magical touches that will make us smile. We will likely discuss the film in more complex ways than in 1997.  (1h28; in French, with subtitles; rated R — supposedly for language, but the film doesn’t deserve the rating — there is no nudity, no violence, just tough questions about who and how we are.)

    After the screening there will be an optional discussion led by Waring Faculty members Jim Watras and Matt Taylor
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    Coffee with Admissions

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    Open School

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    Coffee with Admissions

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    Blood Drive

    In the Gym. Sign up at redcrossblood.org. Bring Photo I.D.

    Core Night

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    Tea with Tim

    House - VH Room - H6
    All parents are invited. No formal program, just a chance to talk directly with the Head of School and have him answer your questions.
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