Waring is a school driven by ideas and rooted in personal relationships. Waring School is seeking to broaden its close-knit student body with the addition of a few select International Students. We are very excited by the possibilities for our existing students to form relationships with students from abroad, as well as the opportunities opened up to those International Students by a Waring education. 
Learning at Waring School is based on the enthusiastic sharing of ideas and perspectives, whether in response to great literature, in the understanding realized in a science lab, through artistic expression in the studio, or on the stage.  A student body that is diverse in culture and nationality will make the process of discovery and learning richer and deeper for all of us. Waring’s intentional effort to broaden the range of our collective student voice ensures that our International Students will be integral and highly valued members of our community.
The Waring experience is unique and immersive in many ways. A very small school size, All-School Meetings, an annual Camping Trip, the exchange program with Angers, France, Endterm, and Junior Trip are some examples of how our pedagogy promotes bonding within the community. Teachers, faculty, students, and parents collaborate to create an engaging, accepting and joyful learning environment. We know and address one another by first names here. The nurturing environment and high expectations we provide produce confident and capable critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students are motivated to do their best because their teachers are engaged and caring. Waring students are active learners, expected to express themselves in every class – this in itself is an aspect of a Waring education that can be of significant benefit to non-native English speakers. Our graduates are notably eloquent and confident in their self-expression.

International Students at Waring

    • Yew Cheong Tham, Board of Trustees

      Yew Cheong Tham, Board of Trustees

The detailed evaluation process that we employ in place of letter grades illustrates this well. All of this results in Waring graduates entering a variety of highly selective colleges and universities.
Waring is excited to offer our International Students a unique living component that aligns perfectly with our overall educational approach. Students will build deep relationships not only with their American counterparts, but also with the supportive and involved families that are integral to the school; their immersion into American life will be far greater than it would be in a traditional boarding school setting, which doesn't offer significant family involvement and can allow International Students to become isolated. The cultural competencies our program will foster will be key to student success in college and the increasingly global workforce. At Waring our students are “all in” academically and the cultural exchange will be “all in” as well!
As you browse the rest of our website, you will become familiar with Waring’s rigorous college-prep programs in HumanitiesFrenchMath, and Science. You will understand that there is an emphasis at this school on developing the whole student through required participation in Visual and Performing Arts, Athletics, Theatre, and Chorus. International Students at Waring will forge meaningful relationships with American students and their families. They will engage deeply with rich curriculum and dedicated faculty, discovering their own voices and passions in the process. The backdrop for this journey will be the North Shore of Massachusetts, about 1/2 hour from Boston, one of the most historically rich places in the nation and one of the most significant hubs of higher education in the world.
We look forward to seeing you here!

Yew Cheong Tham
Waring School Board of Trustees
International Relations

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year has been set as follows:
Grades 6-12 (Core-Groups 5): $35,900 USD
This tuition and other fees do not include the housing program.
Payment of Tuition and Other Fees: 
Tuition for 2018-2019 has been set at $35,900 USD. This does not include charges for books, supplies, and fees that are $500 USD annually. Tuition is payable on or before August 1, 2018. There is a $2,500 USD international student fee. 11th grade students travel to Europe in May, there is a $1,900 USD charge for this trip. This provides airfare from US to Paris to home city in Asia. Tuition is payable before an I-20 is issued.
A deposit of $3,200 USD is required to reserve a seat upon admittance, this amount is credited against tuition.

Application Process

Please submit application and teacher recommendations to Shelley Morgan, Director of Admissions. If an agency is preferred, please contact International Education Opportunities.