Teaching Assistants

TA Program

TA Program

Juniors and seniors may apply to become Teaching Assistants (TA) in any of our curricular areas: humanities, French, math, science, music, theater, art, health, and athletics. In most cases, TAs assist their supervising teachers in a variety of ways, including helping students individually and in small groups. Some TAs teach under the supervision of faculty: for example, Writing TAs teach Core and Group 1 classes.

The TA program is an essential element in the creation of the Waring Experience. The TA program shows the younger students what lifelong learning should be, and lets them see older students engaging seriously with academics. The program also allows the TAs to validate publicly what kind of students they are becoming. As the TAs experience the challenges of planning classes, running discussions, and evaluating others’ work, they come to a deeper understanding of their own and others’ learning. The program also strengthens the TAs working relationships with their teachers.

Qualifications for becoming a Teaching Assistant include: 1) good academic standing 2) demonstrated competence in the specific subject; 3) willingness to promote the values, standards, and mission of Waring; and 4) maturity necessary to work with younger students.

TAs are important conveyors of the Waring ethos to our younger students. Working as a TA is a position of trust and is highly valued among our students.