Endterm is a two and a half week intensive whole-day program at the end of the year, where groups of approximately 10-12 students in Grades 6-10, along with 2-3 teachers, pursue a topic of interest. The focus of the groups is almost always interdisciplinary and experiential, and often involves off-campus or travel experiences. Students learn skills and engage in activities that build on and transfer to the larger Waring program and which also promote lifelong learning.  Multi-age groupings strengthen the sense of community both for the Endterm experience itself and also for the school as a whole.
Previous Endterm topics included: Medicine (students shadowed doctors, studied physiology, observed surgery); The Art of the Story; Computers (building a personal computer and learning programming); Farming & Our Environment; For Another Side of Cities (living and engaging in community service in Boston); Improv 1, 2, 3 (Improvisational Theater); Quebec Trip (students studies French and traveled in Quebec); Music Composition/ Songwriting; Pottery, Poetry and Purpose; The Screen Play (writing scripts and making films); a full production of The Importance of being Earnest; Uncovering our Maritime past through sailing, singing & exploration; and Waring on Tour: Vaudeville to Broadway (Musical Theater). There is also an option for an independent Endterm with a topic of one’s own design (last year eight students designed their own projects).
Students are presented with the choices in the winter and then are asked (after consulting with their parents) to rank order their preferences. Final groups are made based on student preference but also on age and gender as well as on a desire to have students try new experiences and work with different people. Waring students consistently see Endterm as one of the highlights of the year. On the last day of Endterm, which is also the last day of school, all groups publicly share what they have learned.
Endterm will begin on Tuesday, May 29 and end on Friday, June 15. There will be no school on Monday, June 4.

Please read through the descriptions and have a conversation about them as a family. If possible, we encourage that your student talk over their choices with their Tutor. Please check the dates that various sessions will be away and make your choices accordingly. If cost is a consideration, please let us know. Feel free to contact Endterm teachers directly. When you are ready to fill out the Endterm Survey, you must rank all twelve choices. Surveys are due by 6:00pm on Friday, March 9.

Alumni Endterm 2015