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Sustainability at Waring

Sustainability Mission

We, the Waring School, embrace environmental sustainability as a natural extension of our mission to create and sustain a community of lifelong learners dedicated to the individual and common good. As stewards of the environment, we affirm our commitment to current and future generations by engaging the school community in this important principal through education programs and school operations. Our goal is to be a model for how a school engages the community on environmental sustainability.
Our strategy has three pillars – to cultivate an engaged learning community, run our school operations sustainably, and communicate internally and externally on our progress.

Campus Master Plan

In furtherance of our Sustainability mission, Waring School is finalizing a Campus Master Plan which will consider sustainability in building design and construction. As the school looks towards the future, the Building and Grounds committee has set aggressive goals for the environmental performance of new building construction.  

Sustainability News at Waring