Ongoing Admissions

We are accepting applications for Fall 2017. For information, call or email Shelley Morgan, Director of Admissions.

As individuals, each of us shoulders the personal responsibility for what we say and what we do, both in and out of school. Waring School’s Guiding Assumptions are based on personal integrity and the values of the school community. We believe that learning is an essential and defining human activity that involves the whole person throughout life. We believe that a supportive and stimulating learning culture affirms intellectual tolerance and social unity. As a community of individuals, we continually reaffirm our mission and core beliefs through our ethic of meaningful ritual and participation, genuine discussion, and authentic relationships.
We shape and maintain our culture, and it requires that we have integrity, that we be honest, that we be caring and that we be courageous.

Our community is built on trust. At Waring, we students, teachers, parents and administrators have a responsibility to make our school a creative, productive environment for social and intellectual growth. We shape and maintain our culture, and it requires that we have integrity, that we be honest, that we be caring and that we be courageous.

Both as members of the Waring community and as individuals, we agree to take active responsibility for our school. We should do nothing to damage the community and if we witness someone else damaging the community in any way, we should take action in an appropriate way. On the daily level, this means accepting personal responsibility for our actions—being respectful to others in what we do or say while encouraging others to do the same, respecting the physical campus and cleaning up after ourselves, using technology responsibly, being good mentors to younger students, and so on. When serious issues arise, we are called to be our best selves: to take positive action, to use our voice to speak up in an appropriate way. Although it is not easy to do, whenever possible, we should speak to the person(s) directly involved in any situation. We may also speak to a friend, a tutor, a parent, a teacher or administrator. It is our responsibility to speak up whenever there is a breach of trust at Waring. When we fail to do so, we widen the breach and we may be held accountable for our own inaction.

Developing and exercising our personal voice is a key part of Waring’s Guiding Assumptions. We are called to exercise our unique voices—spoken, written and artistic—which, in large part, is what we mean by being personally responsible for our daily actions. Cultivating this ethic allows us to act responsibly in service to both our school and global community.