To create and sustain a community of lifelong learners who are working together for the individual and common good.

Guiding Assumptions/Core Beliefs

  • Learning is an essential and defining human activity that involves the whole person throughout life.
  • A learning environment should stimulate this powerful, inherently human desire to learn and to grow. Most learning in a lifetime takes place outside of school and one of the purposes of school is to prepare an individual to learn on his or her own.
  • A supportive and stimulating learning culture affirms intellectual tolerance and social unity.
  • Emphasis on community that occurs in all-school meeting, mixed-age tutorials, on camping trip and through the common language of French, validates shared experiences outside of the classroom.
  • The ability to foster growth in others is the essence of leadership.
  • Teaching and learning go hand-in-hand and most learning takes place within the context of relationships, including, but not limited to, faculty to students, students to students, faculty to faculty.
  • Learning involves taking responsibility to develop and exercise one’s personal “voice” by publicly expressing what one is thinking and feeling. We seek to affirm the unique voice—spoken, written, and artistic—of each member of the Waring community.
  • Learning compels us to use our knowledge responsibly in the service of multiple communities, both locally and globally.
  • The liberal arts are those branches of knowledge that contribute to the liberation of the mind and imagination through risk-taking and through the application of our knowledge of the world and of ourselves.