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Faculty Grant Program

Waring’s faculty has been its greatest asset since the school was founded. In 2017, to express their appreciation, Waring parents created an endowment to fund a program to benefit Waring’s faculty in perpetuity. Waring is grateful for the legacy established by its dedicated parents. The purpose of the Faculty Grant Program (FGP) is to provide funding for Waring School faculty and staff to pursue enriching experiences outside the walls of the school that broaden their personal and professional horizons. It is expected that they will then bring that experiential knowledge back into the classroom to inform and enrich their students’ learning. These opportunities will be funded outside of the normal Waring professional development budget. Endowed funds designated for the Faculty Grant Program will help the School attract and retain outstanding educators for generations to come.

2018 Recipients

Sarah Carlson-Lier, Librarian

Sarah will travel to the World Maker Faire and the Maker Education Forum in New York in September 2018. The Maker Faire combines science, technology, art, and craft in a playful and magical way. Sarah plans to gain inspiration and bring back ideas of workshops she could run during Focus/Flex in the Makerspace (The “Waring Industrial Park” or “WIP”) right away, as well as information and inspiration for faculty as we continue to shape making and STEM at Waring. Sarah also plans to continue running the Makerspace open houses at Waring Downtown for the public.

”The spirit of Maker Faire is contagious and approachable and would inspire me as I work with my colleagues to help nurture that kind of making energy at Waring.”

Elizabeth Gutterman, Theater teacher

Elizabeth is getting two season tickets to the Huntington Theater in Boston. Elizabeth plans to bring a different faculty member with her to each of the seven performances of the 2018-2019 season. As Elizabeth continually tells her students, “The more plays you see, the better the theatre you create will be.” Seeing these performances will be invigorating and will inspire Elizabeth to experiment with technical and staging possibilities on the Waring stage, as well as techniques she can implement in her own writing. She plans to write a blog post for the Waring Notecards blog about the plays she sees and their impact on the Theater curriculum and rehearsal exercises.

“...because the plays explore a myriad of topics, it would be wonderful to extend this opportunity to faculty members in multiple disciplines.”

Becky Schaeffer, Assistant Director of Admissions

Becky will travel to the King Arthur Baking School in Norwich, Vermont to take a four day artisan baking course.  For Becky, baking is not only stress relief, but an opportunity to make those around her happy, and to bring people together through food. She has baked at home for years but she is looking forward to learning more technique, and more about bread and pastry-baking.  Becky will bring her skills back to help with aspects of cooking elective, or work with students on laminated dough over a multi-day Focus/Flex period. She will also be bringing her cooking to Endterm, integrating food and baking, and the culture around it, with larger multi-disciplinary Endterms, doing more involved and complicated baking projects with students.

“I like learning the technicality of (baking), the precision – but mostly it’s the stress relief in the creation, and the happiness-spreading through the distribution of the product.”

Anna Marie Smith, French and Music teacher

While traveling around New Zealand in the Summer of 2018, the Faculty Grant Program award will fund Anna Marie’s visits to several Maori cultural sites and museums, where she will be able to study the music and instruments of the indigenous Maori population. While she has studied Western music extensively, Anna Marie is excited to discover Maori songs and chant, which she can bring back and share with students in her Core and Group 1 Music Immersion classes. Anna Marie also plans to lead an All-School Meeting about her time in New Zealand.

“I believe in learning through discovery and this voyage will allow me to pursue discovery.”

Marika Whitaker, Art teacher

Marika plans to visit New York City and visit three art museum exhibits: MoMA: Louise Bourgeois, David Zwirner Gallery 25th anniversary exhibition, and the The New Museum: ‘Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon.’ These exhibitions relate both to the content of Marika’s teaching of color and drawing at Waring and also address systemic issues of gender identity that are important to Marika as an artist and person. Seeing this work will allow Marika to see how these major contemporary art institutions are shaping the narrative that her work will inevitably be related to and and influenced by. Marika plans to write a blog post for the Waring Notecards blog about these exhibits and give a presentation at All School Meeting in 2018.

“Being able to see these exhibits and performances in person creates a shift on a cellular level – it’s intellectual research and at the same time, a lived experience of new political and personal realities.”

John Wigglesworth, Science and Math teacher

John is completing the Basic Maritime Safety Refresher Training course required to renew his United States Coast Guard 3000-ton Ocean Master Mariners License, which he has maintained since 1982.  These classes took place in December 2017 at the SEA Education Association of Woods Hole and at the New England Maritime in Hyannis. Maintaining a valid Ocean Master Mariner credential enables John to bring unique maritime educational opportunities to students on Endterms, from sailing and sleeping on a 115-foot schooner to studying behind the scenes maritime historic sites from Baltimore, MD to Portsmouth, NH. John’s experience and training as a mariner is integral to the teaching he brings into the classroom.  In Earth Science class, the exploration and study of the interaction of the oceans and atmosphere comes from John’s months at sea on oceans around the world.  In Oceans and Climate, oceanographic data from cruises John has been on brings life to the study of oceanography and the dynamics of the vertical profile of the water column.  In math, John helps students understand the value of trigonometry and geometry as concrete tools for way-finding on the planet through Parallel Plane, Mercator, and Great Circle Sailing.  In addition, John uses his skills in first aid and fire safety as a first responder on Waring’s Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT.)

“The person who shows up at Waring year after year and has done his best to be a good teacher and role model for Waring students, is the person who wants to maintain his soul as mariner.”