Charting a Course Beyond Graduation

“A community of lifelong learners,” Waring School prepares its students for the future from the moment they enter its doors.  By the time they begin the college process they have already built a strong foundation of self-awareness, intellectual curiosity and maturity.  Our students grow in an environment that fosters the contemplation of important questions about who they are, where their skills and passions lie, and their relationship to the community and world beyond.  

Waring students, their parents, and the College Counselor formally begin the research and application process early in the winter of junior year, forming a partnership that engages them on a highly individualized, step-by-step path to good decisions.  A series of large and small group meetings and individual student and family meetings continues through April of senior year in preparation for the May 1st commitment deadline.   In addition, more than twenty-five college admissions representatives visit the Waring campus and meet with interested students each fall. 

We know our students well and take pride in our awareness of and attentiveness to the needs of the individual. Finding the right match for each is the ultimate goal, knowing that, though they have shared a common educational experience at Waring, they will be heading in a variety of directions – to small and large schools, from one end of the country to the other and beyond, to liberal arts colleges, universities and specialty schools, including art and music conservatories. We encourage them to think of the college goal as not an end in itself but as a natural consequence of their achievement and growth during their years here. Waring students will continue to thrive as scholars, leaders and community members in the next chapter of their lives and beyond.


Harold Wingood
College Counselor

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