The Waring School follows the model form of organization used by not-for-profit, independent schools. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the School in accordance with its Mission, the School’s Bylaws and Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General Laws, which regulates the activities of the Commonwealth’s nonprofit organizations.

The management of the School, as distinct from the School’s governance, is the responsibility of the Head of School, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees and charged with the entire operation of the School, including the employment and supervision of all School personnel.

The functions of the Board include: (i) the establishment and maintenance of the Waring mission, and Bylaws and policies consistent therewith; (ii) long-range planning; (iii) the recruitment, retention, and oversight of the Head; and (iv) the promotion of the financial integrity of the School, including fiduciary responsibility for the School’s financial operations, multi-year financial planning, approval of the annual budget, investment oversight, fundraising and capital development.

The Board is currently comprised of 17 trustees who are serving staggered, three-year terms and who fall into three classes. There are four officers: Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary, each of whom is elected annually. Trustees may serve up to nine years in 3 three-year terms. Additionally, there is a non-voting Parent Group representative who is elected annually. Emeriti Trustees are non-voting, past chairs of the Board.
The Board of Trustees has eight Standing Committees: the Executive Committee, Academic Committee, Advisory Committee, Building & Grounds Committee, Development Committee, Diversity Committee, Finance Committee and Trustee Committee.

Head of School

Timothy Bakland '94


Joanne Avallon, Chair (P ’11, ’15)
Frances McLaughlin, Vice-Chair (P ’22)
Joe Jutras, Treasurer (P ’17, ’20)
Claire Sanford, Clerk & Secretary (P ’13)


Bob Biletch (P ‘18)
Sally Bradley-Golding (P ’18)
Mary Cookson (P ’15, ‘17)
Scott Hylton (P '24)
Peter Pintso Lauenstein ‘98
Priscilla Malboeuf (P ’19)
Gerard McCarthy (P ’17)
Mary McDonald (P ’12)
Leah McGavern (P ’15, ’17)
Juanita Prescod (P '22)
Miranda Russell ’90 (P '18, '20)
Yew Cheong Tham (P ’18, ’20)
Colin B. Weir ’99
Roberta Wilmore 
Michael Zarren ‘94

Parent Group Representative

Stephanie Patrick (P '16, '19)

Trustees Emeriti

Thomas Burger (P ’88, ’90, ’96)
Andrew S. Calkins (P ’05, ’07, ’10)
John K. Dineen, Sr. (P ’82, ’85)
Geoff Hunt (P ’97, ’02, ’06)
Richard Prouty (P ’87, ’91)
Malcolm Reid (P ’84, ’86)