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The Brick Wolves: Waring's First Lego League Team by Francis Schaeffer

On December 9, 2017, Waring’s First Lego League Team, the Brick-Wolves, headed off to Revere High School for a day of competition. Fourteen nervous students, two teachers (Erin Thomassen and me), along with several parents, and lots of Lego, traveled south from Waring on a cold, snowy, Saturday.

Our journey toward the Revere tournament started in early August when many students came in to assemble our playing field, make the mission models, and...

What would you tell a friend about Waring?

It’s a very accepting place and you can always go to a teacher for help. The teachers are always there for you and you can always make friends of any different age group. It’s a really awesome place.
-Ethan, Grade 8