Marianne Durand

Marianne teaches two French classes and one 4/5 Journalism Class in our Writing department. She most recently taught French at Lexington High School and lives in Marblehead. Marianne is French and lived in France for many years where she worked for Coca-Cola before moving to the States. She is currently a practicing journalist who writes for a French newspaper about U.S. politics.

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Waring's Intermediate French Class Studied a Book on the Black Presence in Canada and Met with the Authors!

By Marianne Durand on May 25, 2021 10:04:58 AM

Topics: French
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Celebrating Francophone Poetry at Waring and beyond by Marianne Durand and the French Department

By Marianne Durand on Apr 20, 2021 9:32:39 AM

Jean de La Fontaine was born four centuries ago, on July 8, 1621 in Château-Thierry. Inspired by the fabulists of Greco-Latin antiquity, and in particular by Aesop, he wrote more than two hundred and forty Fables, bringing this hitherto minor genre to a degree of accomplishment that remains unequalled. Moralist without being moralistic, La Fontaine uses animals to depict human failings, thus taking a lucid look at human nature and power relationships.

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