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Waring Families Sow the Seeds of Good at the Food Project


On Saturday, October 31 a group of Waring students and parents joined students from other schools and youth workers from the Food Project at Long Hill for a day of volunteering at the farm. They helped prepare the farm for winter in various ways. Students and parents who attended were Mikey Ballin, Amy Ballin and Tim Greiner; Kyle, Elizabeth, Jim and Stephanie Patrick and their Angers student Lise; Hattie, Ian and Mary Cookson; Cilla Brooks and Angers teacher Marie Christine; Susan and Henry Gribbell; Irena and Lucy Sinclair; Maura and JoAnne McCarthy; Jaqui Jutras and Ann Marie Viglione; Karl and Maia Buxbaum; and Sheila Adams.

Waring Junior Jacqui Jutras said she spent the day “harvesting leeks and shucking garlic.” She enjoyed “[getting] involved with the earth and [doing] something physical.” Waring Junior Mikey Ballin, who works on the farm, loved having his classmates take part saying, “I kind of have a separation between my work and Waring and it was really cool to have my friends see what I do at work for a day and see kind of the hard work I put in.” Waring Junior Henry Gribbell enjoyed that hard work saying, “It’s nice to know what you are doing is actually going directly to a good cause.” You can learn more about The Food Project at thefoodproject.org.

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