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Waring Debate Qualifies for National Catholic Forensic League's Grand National Tournament


Waring debaters Sascha Denby & Gareth Buhl qualified for the National Catholic Forensic League's Grand National Tournament by placing in the top six of teams attending the qualifier, held at Shrewsbury High School on Saturday, February 10. This marks the second time in Waring Debate history that a team has qualified. Because the tournament is held the same weekend as the Waring Graduation, Sascha & Gareth graciously declined the invitation and gave the qualification to a team from Manchester Essex Regional.

Waring was also represented in this competitive varsity tournament by the relatively new teams of Phoebe Holz & Swara Douglas, Griffin Wells & Cole Sauder, Jared Wood & Jack Martin, and Lillian Corcoran & Sophie Vaneck. On February 17-19, Waring returns to action at the Harvard National Debate tournament, the nation's largest invitational for the year.

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