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Faculty Feature: Elizabeth Gutterman (By Austin Dowd '20)

By Austin Dowd '20 on 12/2/2019

This fall, Waring Theatre put on a wonderful show called Shakespeare’s Sister. It was the 16th production by the Waring Theatre Department since Elizabeth Gutterman’s arrival at Waring School five years ago.

Elizabeth’s love for theatre began at a young age. Her family had season tickets to a theatre in Providence, and her earliest memories of theatre begin there—with plays like Red Noses and School for Scandal. This started an everlasting appreciation for theatre.

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Faculty Feature: Tiffany Soucy (By Theo Cabot '21)

By Theo Cabot '21 on 11/19/2019

Tiffany Soucy hurries from the booth to a stage window that floats slightly askew. As she runs down the center aisle, she grabs a student to steady the windowpane so she can adjust it. “Does that look right?” she says. “I’m not the best at seeing if it’s level. Hey, Mattie, is this level?”

It was build-day in theater, and tech week was only six days away and the performance two weeks out. A lot had to be done to get Shakespeare's Sister running smoothly. As the Technical Director of the show, it’s her job to oversee the set, props, costumes, and everything in the booth. She is one of the most important people in the theater. She keeps the show running.

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Student-written Musical to Premiere Saturday, April 6

By Graham Pearsall on 04/3/2019

The final project required just a story plot, character summary, and song outline. Sarah Bradshaw '19 wrote an entire musical.

While enrolled in "American History through Musicals," a summer course at Harvard University, Sarah was so inspired by the class' content that she couldn't stop at just the concept for a musical.

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Le Temps Retrouvé - Special Edition Released

By Graham Pearsall on 01/26/2019

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Another edition of Le Temps Retrouvé is hot off the digital press.

From the editor, Head of School Tim Bakland: "Waring School is a place of ideas and 'voices' — voice in its many forms, written, poetic, artistic, musical, athletic, whimsical, serious, adventurous, and all the rest. Le Temps Retrouvé is one of many venues in which you’ll find the very essence of Waring School through student expression."

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Waring Theatre Puts On Excellent Production of "The Secret in the Wings"

By Graham Pearsall on 11/5/2018

At first, young Heidi is scared of her ogre babysitter (he has a tail for gosh sakes!), but slowly she is won over by his storytelling. He reads her lesser-known fairy tales of kings, princesses, snakes, and swans, each tale playing out on stage.

Topics: theater
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