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Oceans and Climate Class Travels to Woods Hole


The 2016 Oceans and Climate class took a trip to Woods Hole Massachusetts on Friday, April 8. The day was spent at the SEA Education Association learning about SEA's undergraduate programs and their ongoing research on micro plastics at sea. They also learned about the current research on ocean acidification, a by product of increased carbon dioxide emissions. This presentation was given by Scott C. Doney, a senior scientist and Chair of the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The trip concluded with a tour of the WHOI docks and facilities. The class was able to get on board the Research Vessel Neil Armstrong, which had just arrived at Woods Hole on Wednesday, April 6. The Neil Armstrong is the newest of the seven vessels in the Nation's academic fleet and the Nation's most advanced research vessel. Complete with the latest in technology and engineering, the Neil Armstrong replaces the R/V Knorr which served WHOI for 44 years. The vessel explores the world's oceans from small bacteria to the sea floor. The Oceans and Climate class was among the first group of people in the Nation to step on board this state-of-the-art research vessel.

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