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Maritime Gloucester Gala Premieres Video Featuring Waring Students


On Friday, September 4th Maritime Gloucester held their annual gala featuring a video premier of Waring students in John Wigglesworth's and Joshua Scott-Fishburn's Endterm from the 2015 school year.

Governor Charlie Baker, senator Bruce Tarr, and representatives from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard were among the guests at the gala in support of Maritime Gloucester. Waring students (past and present) featured are Jackson Tham, Ali Mitchell, Phoebe Holtz, Will Stomberg, Catie Nemeskal, Elizabeth Ward, Julia Lewis, Theo Combs and Brad Lyman.

Waring's Fisheries Endterm teamed up with Maritime Gloucester in effort to launch an educational outreach program focusing on the Massachusetts ocean fisheries and current environmental, cultural, and political issues affecting sustainability of ocean resources and habitats. As Maritime Gloucester director Tom Balf writes, "This [video] will be used for multiple purposes -- shown at our Gala on Friday, September 4th; shared with donors as we solicit funds for our $1.3 million educational initiative; and shared with other schools who we hope will follow Waring's lead and engage us to do a one-week immersive course."

You can watch Maritime Gloucester's "Understanding Sustainability" HERE.

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