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Fourteen Students Awarded Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Students from across Massachusetts submitted more than 12,000 pieces of art and writing to this year's Scholastic Art and Writing Contest sponsored by The Boston Globe.

Rising to the top of the extremely competitive contest were 14 Waring students who received 16 awards. Leading the way were seniors Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui and Benny Weedon who both won multiple awards.

Gyani won a Gold Key for his photograph, “Lost in Translation,” and a Silver Key for his Art Portfolio, “Home.”

Benny received awards for both art and writing. His photograph, “The Force,” won a Gold Key, and his personal essay, "Meeting my Brother," received Honorable Mention recognition.

Both Gold Key photographs will advance to the National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, where they are eligible for further awards.

Sophomore Ari Dimond-Putnam also received a Silver Key for his photograph, “Foggy Tides.”

Receiving Honorable Mention awards for art were senior Swara Douglas for her drawing, “Girl in Yellow,” sophomore Ellie Soininen for her photograph “Untitled,” and junior Katie Waxdal for her drawing, “Broken Mirror.”

Receiving Honorable Mention awards for writing were sophomore Julie Durning for her personal essay, “Ice Cream with a Side of Osteosarcoma,” junior Arianne Horan for her short story, “Oil Change,” eighth grader Piper Judy for her short story, “The man in the corner of her eye,” sophomore Beatrix Karambis for her short story, “Sea Asylum,” eighth grader Matthew Lee for his short story, “The Gypsy Girl,” sophomore Belle Leonard for her poem, “Wakefield,” senior Luna Schiller for her personal essay, “Levi,” and junior Josh Zou for his flash fiction, “Dilemma.”

Gyani P_Lost in Translation

“Lost in Translation” by Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui 

Benny Weedon_The Force

"The Force" by Benny Weedon

Ari Dimond-Putnam_Foggy Tides

“Foggy Tides” by Ari Dimond-Putnam

Swara Douglas_Girl in Yellow

“Girl in Yellow” by Swara Douglas

Ellie Soininen_Untitled

"Untitled" by Ellie Soininen

Katie Waxdal_broken mirror

"Broken Mirror" by Katie Waxdal

Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager