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Faculty Feature: Mrs. Cahill (by Will Stomberg '20)


Over the past year, Waring School has been in the process of designing a new school building on its 32-acre campus. To do this they will be tearing down the old building that used to be the school’s main gathering space, for both students and teachers. The Grande Salle will be demolished which is a loss for the students, but Mrs. Cahill's office will also be taken down. The loss of Mrs. Cahill’s office will be the loss of a common place for the faculty. If you walk by her office at any given moment during the week it is not uncommon to see anywhere from one to ten teachers bustling around the tiny space.

Mrs Ann Cahill Office-1

While her office might not be perfect, it is definitely going to be hard for her to say goodbye to the desk she has sat at for 22 years. She is even going to miss the tiny creatures cohabitating her desk. “I’m going to miss the mice that I found in my desk drawer that got so hungry they ate three of my pencils,” she said. More proof of how her desk and office have become a home to many at the school. 

Mrs. Cahill will be saying goodbye to a desk perfectly crafted for her position and personality. Mrs. Cahill’s mythical omniscience makes her the perfect person to sit in the center of campus, keep track of kids, gossip, and make eBay bids. 

Mrs Ann Cahill Square-1Not only is she a mother of a whole school and nine of her own children, but Mrs. Cahill also leads a very active life. She was one of Gloucester's first recreational female runners and during her lunch break, she can often be found swimming varying distances in the ocean. She is also one of the growing number of women pilots at Waring having solo piloted a twin-engine plane. 

It is common knowledge that Mrs. Cahill is a fabulous cook and it seems to run in the family. Mrs. Cahill was never really taught how to cook, she just picked it up from watching her mother. Her mother was a very adventurous chef even cooking whole pigs on occasion. With Mrs. Cahill's nine children we can only hope that she passed the gift on to at least one. 

While demolition has not yet commenced and her space is still standing, sometime soon Mrs. Cahill will no longer have her office until her new one is made later in the year. The desk might not be the same one it has been for the past 22 years, but she will be the same, Mrs. Cahill.

Will Stomberg '20
Written by Will Stomberg '20

Waring School senior reporting for "Le Temps Retrouvé"