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Debate Team Qualifies for State Tournament


At the Lincoln-Sudbury Winter Debate Festival on December 9, 150 teams (300 debaters) from dozens of schools competed in the open varsity division. Despite the stiff competition, Waring's teams had a successful day.

In the field of 300 speakers, Julia Kautz won 9th place and Anand Fedele won 14th place. Gareth Buhl and Arion Carraher-Kang were also both in the top 10% of speakers.
Four Waring teams have now qualified for the Massachusetts State Debate Tournament, which will take place on March 30: Charlotte Smit and Arion Carraher-Kang, Phoebe Holz and Swara Douglas, Quin Adams and Turner Britz, and Gareth Buhl and Betta Tham.

Waring School Debate also had two teams chosen to attend the Barkley Forum for High Schools, to be held at Emory University on February 24-28. Charlotte Smit and Arion Carraher-Kang and Phoebe Holz and Swara Douglas will attend this highly competitive tournament. Students from all over the United States submitted applications. For more information about the tournament, please look here.
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