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My Trip to Beijing with the Waring Debate Team (by Cole Sauder '21)

By Cole Sauder '21 on 01/3/2020

With only 24 hours of our 11-day Debate trip to China under my belt, in the middle of Beijing, amid the hum and bustle of rush-hour traffic, I watched my host crash her bike head-on into an oncoming cyclist. This was after she rented three different bikes that were either missing pedals or a seat. After the first crash, we pushed even harder on our pedals trying to get home, but it soon became apparent that Suzanna, my host, was lost, very lost in an enclosed college campus. 

The Waring Debate Team traveled to Beijing, China, in November for an international debate tournament and to build upon strong relations with our friends at T.H.I.S. (Tsinghua, Highschool, International, School). While in China we traveled to spectacular places, bonded with friends, and cleaned up at T.H.I.S’s debate tournament.

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