Jamie Gabbay

Class of 2021
  • Hometown: I was born in New York City but I currently reside in Gloucester, MA.
  • Time at Waring: I've been at Waring for almost three years now.
  • Favorite Class: Physics
  • Favorite Waring experience: One Waring gem has to be my grade’s commute to Angers our freshman year. I personally love traveling and adding all my best friends to it made it more fun than I could have ever imagined. For the first time in awhile, it felt like I was free. I personally found the entire month to be one big highlight. I specifically remember the plane ride and our bus commute. I sat with two of my best friends, Cole and Brad, on our plane ride there and spent the entire time talking and playing games with them. We seemed to lose all track of time. I’m not sure if our sleep deprivation helped or hindered our ride over, but I remember everyone being deliriously half-asleep and laughing like crazy. I also felt a strange anxiety of having to spend the rest of the month with two completely new families. However this was different than most feelings I’ve had. It was more of an excited anxiety. It was the nervousness of being thrust into a completely new situation. This feeling somehow reassured me that it would all turn out well. And I was right.
  • Why no grades: No grades works for me because I feel like I receive more constructive feedback than a letter could ever show me.
  • Favorite film: My favorite film is Baby Driver.
  • Why French: I've actually been taking French since the 3rd grade. So my decision to come to Waring was also due to the fact I felt I could more easily integrate with the French program.
  • After-school activities: My after-school activities include varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse (dependent on the season). In the past I've participated in the Futsal Elective but now I currently stay for Study on Mondays.
  • Our community: One of the biggest reasons I joined Waring was because of the community. On my first visit day, it felt like I had been apart of my grade for years. Truth be told, it's tough to figure out what grade or group someone is in. The boundaries of a group all kind of meld together because everyone is so kind and close together.