Draw in French

Have you ever dreamed of taking a drawing class in France? But you're not sure about your drawing skills or French proficiency? Pas de problème! Curiosity and a willingness to try are the only prerequisites for this adult-ed class.

Class Details:

Stéphanie Williams, a Waring art teacher and native French speaker, will have you listening to and speaking French while engaging in fun active drawing exercises. The class will be conducted in 90% French and will cover the drawing basics such as lines and mark making, overlap and space, measure and proportion, composition and negative space, etc. Keeping a sketchbook is strongly encouraged. All levels in Art AND French are welcome—including beginners!


Waring School Downtown
290 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Adult Learners

(Scholarships available. Email Becky Schaeffer at bschaeffer@waringschool.org for information.)

Coming Soon