Becky Schaeffer

Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management, Summer Programs Coordinator

Meet Becky:
Becky is Waring's Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management. From 2012-2019 she was also Waring's Academic Administrator and Registrar. Becky also coordinates the Summer Program at Waring. Becky served on the Tuition Task Force of the school in 2019 and the Strategic Marketing Committee Before that. 

"Waring is my home. I grew up here, it's my family, I think the work that happens in the classroom and the students we nurture and produce are exceptional, and I haven't found another place like this one. I would want to spend every day here even if I weren't paid for it."

Becky revels in a job where she gets to tour families around and introduce them to the Waring campus, faculty, students, and experience, and loves how often new parents say they wish they could go back to school again just to be at Waring. 

Becky has been a part of the Waring community since she joined the school as a student in 1994. After a year working in the Waring Advancement Office in 2004, Becky lived in Chicago with her husband, also a Waring alum, and they now live in Salisbury with their three children and rambunctious dog. Becky joined the Waring Faculty and Staff full time in 2012. 

Contact Becky:
(978) 927-8793 x227