Becky Schaeffer

Associate Director of Admissions & Marketing, Summer Programs Administrator

Meet Becky:
Becky is Waring's Assistant Director of Admissions and the school's Academic Administrator. In addition to her work in the Admissions office, Becky is responsible for maintaining all student academic records, distributing evaluations and midterms, creating college transcripts, and supporting the administration of Waring's program in many other ways. She holds a BA degree in art history from Colby College and enjoys baking, running, knitting, and watching movies in her free time.

Becky loves Waring because it's WARING. "I'm not sure I would work at a different [school]," she said. "It's because I grew up here, it's my family, I think the work that happens in the classroom and the students we nurture and produce are exceptional, and I haven't found another place like this one. I would want to spend every day here even if I weren't paid for it."

Becky has been a part of the Waring community since she joined the school as a student in 1994. She has worked in her current role since 2012.

Contact Becky:
(978) 927-8793 x227